Want to see exactly how we transformed an old airport shuttle bus into our cozy traveling home? 

Our 100+ page Conversion eBook covers of our entire conversion process, from purchasing a used van to custom building out the entire interior. The book is broken up into chapters, each of which highlight different parts of our conversion. This eBook outlines how we went about designing and building each part of our interior build, using hundreds of pictures to help you better visualize each step. We also share links to the exact products we used in the conversion process!

eBook Chapters

  1. Introduction
  2. General Budget
  3. Choosing Your Vehicle
  4. Gutting
  5. Flooring
  6. Insulation
  7. Wood Paneling + Trim
  8. Bed/Bench + Storage
  9. Cushions
  10. Upper Shelving + Cabinets
  11. Fantastic Fan Install
  12. The Kitchen Build
  13. Handmade Furnishings
  14. Bathroom Appliances
  15. Other Furnishings
  16. Solar Power and Electrical 
  17. Photos from the Road

Since we began documenting our conversion process on Instagram, we’ve been receiving questions about our build almost daily. It blew our minds that so many people were interested in the way we were designing our van, and it inspired us to keep documenting our conversion journey.

The sheer volume of emails and messages we receive about our build process makes it apparent that there are many people out there who are either in the beginning stages of their own conversion or are considering doing it in the future.

We completely understood why so many people were sending us direct messages rather than just Googling their questions; the beginning of the conversion process is all about searching for information, and it’s so much easier to ask someone with personal experience instead of rifling through numerous online articles. This part was stressful because all we wanted were simple, direct answers to our questions, and rarely could we find them...even after hours of digging through the internet.

So we made it our mission to help others that would one day be in our same situation. We wanted to help eliminate a huge part of that stressful information search, so we put the knowledge and experience we gained during our own van build into a cohesive reference eBook. We want to help those who are in the process of converting, are planning a conversion in the future, or are simply interested in how we built our unique home. We wrote this book so that you can learn from the things we did right and avoid doing the things we did wrong.


We also need to tell you what this book is not. This eBook is not a step-by-step, woodworking tutorial. What we mean by this is that we will provide information on the materials and tools used, a detailed overview of steps taken, and helpful tips that make these processes easier, but we won't teach you how to use a table saw or countersink screws.

Also, even if you have zero interest in ever living out of your own self-built home, this book still serves as an entertaining way to see how we converted an old van into our traveling home. Plus you never know, you might change your mind and end up needing it one day! Each purchase supports our journey and allows us to continually create new content for you.

So what are you waiting for?! Get your copy of The Always the Road Conversion eBook!