The Always the Road Conversion eBook is now available!

Our 100+ page Conversion eBook consists of our entire conversion process, from purchasing a used van to custom building out the entire interior. The book is broken up into chapters, each of which highlight different parts of our conversion. This eBook outlines how we went about designing and building each part of our interior build, using hundreds of pictures to help you better visualize each step. We also share links to the exact products we used in the conversion process!

The eBook is a downloadable PDF, so you can view it on any device. After you purchase it you'll get an email with the link. Simply download it and viola, you'll have access to the eBook!

eBook Chapters

  1. Introduction
  2. General Budget
  3. Choosing Your Vehicle
  4. Gutting
  5. Flooring
  6. Insulation
  7. Wood Paneling + Trim
  8. Bed/Bench + Storage
  9. Cushions
  10. Upper Shelving + Cabinets
  11. Fantastic Fan Install
  12. The Kitchen Build
  13. Handmade Furnishings
  14. Bathroom Appliances
  15. Other Furnishings
  16. Solar Power and Electrical 
  17. Photos from the Road

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