The tattoo on Taylor's arm reads "simple" in Thai. It's her favorite of all her tattoos because it embodies her love for simplicity and travel.

Happiest when her feet are dirty, her hair is messy, and is living only with what she needs, she's passionate about life's simple joys. Spontaneous adventures and creating memories are what make life meaningful for her and she is willing to try anything or go anywhere.

Most people would consider her a "crazy dog lady". Dogs are her passion and she endeavors to model their attitude in life. She also has a talent for creating unique voices for every dog she meets. Snoop can vouch for that.

Life has thrown her a curve ball or two...or twenty, but it's those simple facets in life that bring her back to earth and drive her to live fuller, travel farther, love harder, and be gracious for the one life we're given.