We're Converting Another Van...And It Could Be Yours!



Let's talk! Ask us anything you want to know. Below you'll find answers to general questions about our new van conversion. We're excited to get the conversation started!

Our new van build is currently for sale. The conversion is not yet complete but we're opening the doors for interested buyers to purchase it before it's complete. If you're interested in purchasing the van before it's complete, you'll be able to work with us in certain customizations, making it just the way you envision! 

We'll also be offering financing on the van - read more below.

Fill out the form below and ask us anything you want to know!

*Price: We don't have an exact asking price at the moment but we can give you a rough estimate when you send us a message.

2005 Dodge Sprinter, Mercedes Diesel Engine, 2500, 158-inch wheelbase (same size as ours), 131,800 miles (very low for this year/model).


General info on our next build:

WHEN will we be converting (and when will it be done)?

We'll be starting the conversion process in the next week or two. We plan on having the van ready to hand off to the buyer in early June, just in time for summer van living. 

WHY are we converting another van?

We're converting another van because we want to help another aspiring adventurer get on the road! We understand that finding a consistent work space, acquiring woodworking/construction tools, learning carpentry skills (among many others), and obtaining a reliable vehicle can be enough to prevent you from exploring this lifestyle. 

This is where we come in! We've been living, traveling, and working out of our self-converted Sprinter van for over a year and have fallen in love with this lifestyle. But converting a van yourself isn't the only way to live this way. We'll be using the knowledge we've gained in our first conversion and the modifications we've made while living on the road to give another person the same experience.

WHAT type of van and layout?

The layout will be a mixture of our current Sprinter build and other designs that we have found to allow for the most versatile living. We want the layout to fit all types of lifestyles, hobbies, and work conditions. Living on the road for over a year has taught us many things we'd like to incorporate into this second conversion.


We're working strategically with a car dealer that will offer the buyer the option to finance the purchase. Instead of having to write a check for the full amount, you'll be able to pay small monthly payments. And on top of that, we'll be working with the dealer to put a warranty on the vehicle for you if you'd like. We wish we had the option of doing both these things when we bought our van! 

HOW can you stay updated on the build?


We've created a new Instagram that we'll be using to document every stage of the build and will be posting daily conversion photos. Follow along for updates, conversion tips, and van inspiration! IG account name is @vanlife.creatives

Also, we'll be sending out newsletters about the van build updates. If you're not already subscribed to our website, enter your email at the bottom of this page and we'll send you updates on the progress of our new build!

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